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Butterfly Garden

The Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum will be the first museum in Milwaukee County to install a Butterfly Garden.  This beautiful garden is a unique addition to the existing exquisite Italian Renaissance Gardens at the Villa. The new Butterfly Garden will also be a vital Way Station for migrating Monarch butterflies, along with providing necessary milkweed and food for all pollinator insects.  


These pollinators are key to our own human existence because they pollinate the food we depend upon.  It is up to us to protect our pollinators and restore the beautiful and basic flowers and plants that our pollinators must have to survive.  The Villa Terrace is committed to showing the public how easy, fun and rewarding it is to invite butterflies, native bees and other pollinators into our gardens.  


Milkweed is key to Monarch and pollinator survival.  Did you know that the native American Ladybug is in crisis?  This iconic pollinator lays its eggs on milkweed. Did you know that milkweed is actually an herb and native wildflower?  Unfortunately, our European settlers misnamed this beneficial plant as a weed.


The US Fish and Wildlife Service is asking Americans to plant milkweed and native nectar wildflowers.  Visit their website: and search “Save the Monarch Butterfly” to learn more on what the US Government is doing to help save the Monarch.

Photos from Release of Monarchs and

Dedication of Butterfly Garden

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