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Renaissance Garden

The home’s original garden—designed by Rose Standish Nichols—was reimagined by landscape architect Dennis Buettner. Through the efforts of the Friends of Villa Terrace, it reopened in 2002. The Friends continue to raise funds for and maintain the garden.


From the Parnassus Terrace to the Demmer Neptune Gate, the Renaissance Garden of Villa Terrace charts a path of beauty from the villa to Lake Michigan. Along the way, one encounters foliage, flowerbeds, water features, statuary and more. The garden opens every year on the first Sunday in June.

1. Smith Family Garden | 2. Grotto Terrace | 3. Scaletta d’Acqua | 4. Brides’ Orchard | 5. Vasca | 6. Prato | 7. South Allée | 8. Exedrum | 9. Boschetto | 10. Demmer Neptune Gate

Garden Layout.png
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