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The Demmer Neptune Gate

Neptune Gate.jpeg

In 2000, as part of our Renaissance Garden restoration and redesign  the Friends of Villa Terrace and the Villa Terrace Art Museum sought to create a gate along Lincoln Memorial Drive to welcome visitors to the Museum and gardens that paired with the ironwork and imagery throughout the Museum and gardens. The Demmer Neptune Gate is the result.

The Demmer Neptune Gate is a wrought-iron masterpiece rivaling Cyril Colnik's work. It took three Wisconsin blacksmith two years to complete the gate. It is a major benchmark of traditional ironwork.


The Demmer Foundation made this gift to Milwaukee possible, while the Wisconsin Arts Board underwrote documentation of its creation. Learn more about the gate and its construction below in the words of those directly involved with the project.

Project Overview

Learn about the project from conception to creation.

Site of the Gate

Learn more about the Villa and the influences  behind the Neptune Gate.

Construction Experience

Learn about the intricate blacksmithing involved in the construction of the gate.

Construction of Neptune

Learn about the work that went into designing Neptune, the shell and the fish.

Icons and Motifs

Learn about the icons and motifs featured in the gate's design.

The Blacksmiths

Learn about the blacksmiths who designed the Neptune Gate.

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