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Sarah Pratt, MD

We recognize as our first "Exemplary Friend" Sarah Pratt, MD, President of FOVT from 2014-2017.

Sarah Pratt, fondly known as Sally, began her involvement with the Friends of Villa Terrace by working on the 2011 Gala.  At that time, she took over the job as Treasurer of the Gala and promptly established order out of chaos simplifying the accounting process.  After that, the 2011 Board wisely invited her to join the Friends Board where she served as Secretary, acting Treasurer, and finally President. As a two term President, she led friendly and focused meetings and developed favorable relationships with all members of both Boards, FOVT and CAVT.  

She accomplished many things during her tenure:

•    Insured the repair of the brick retaining wall on the South end of the Villa
•     Instrumental in the installation of the yews along the water stairs
•     Instrumental in the replacement of the entire concrete Vasca that hold the Villa Koi in the lower garden
•     Ensured that we have always complied with the law and followed up on everything.
•     Was a catalyst for the Butterfly garden. 
•    Spent countless hours trying to bring the tram back to life
•    Did all the research on why FOVT and CAVT should sell their own liquor and not outsource this profitable opportunity

If that isn’t enough of a resume, her record keeping skills are second to none. Her response to anyone who needed information was simply” Let me look and I’ll get back to you”. And she did!

Sally has a gracious spirit and can laugh and roll with the punches.  She never gets hung up on a situation, is never mean spirited and certainly gives her opinion freely.  You always know where she stands when a conflict arises. Sally is incredibly generous with her time for the Villa.  She provides an atmosphere that gathers people in to work as a team.


Besides the Friends, Sally also enjoys the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and spending time with her children. Smart, bright, thoughtful, generous and kind.  A well polished jewel! We celebrate the many years of her service to the Friends of Villa Terrace and we wish her well in her next endeavors!

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