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The Blacksmiths

Three talented Wisconsin blacksmiths collaborated to bring the Demmer Neptune Gate to life: Eric Moebius, Dan Nauman and Tom Latané. Each a master smith in their own right – Eric, Dan and Tom designed and fabricated the gate over the course of two years.


Moebius created the intricate framework. Nauman crafted the detail work including the tridents and leaves. Latané constructed Neptune, Neptune's shell and the fish. 

About Eric Moebius

Eric Moebius earned a master's in art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1970. Moebius began working with iron in the 1970s, and has established an international reputation as a master blacksmith. He specializes in architectural commissions, making everything from railings and gates to lighting fixtures, furniture and signs for private residences and institutions. He is the president of Moebius Ironworks Inc.

About Dan Nauman

Dan Nauman began forging in 1979. He has traveled across the country studying forging from fellow blacksmiths. He has operated out of his studio in Kewaskum, Wisconsin since 1987. Dan has taught, demonstrated and lectured on forging at many conferences, workshops, trade schools, colleges, and museums around the country, and also at his studio in Kewaskum. In 1998, he was the Project Director for a video entitled “Forged Elegance, the Lifework of Master Blacksmith Cyril Colnik”, which aired on Wisconsin and Milwaukee Public Television stations. Dan has won two international awards for his design and worksmanship from the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA). He considers forging to be a continual learning process, with never-ending possibilities. His work is widely varied, highly detailed and imaginative, including flowing forms, different metals, applied colors, and also utilizes the various processes of repousse’. His work can be found in many of the finest homes in this country.

About Thomas Latané

Artist and blacksmith Thomas Latané has been creating original, hand-forged ironwork in Pepin, Wisconsin since 1983. Latané's ironwork is functional in traditional Gothic, Renaissance, Scandinavian and Early American styles. Latané uses traditional tools and techniques – including chasing and repoussé – to forge original locks, hardware, tools and candle fixtures. Tom is also a skilled woodworker, and enjoys combining his talents with wood and metal.

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