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June in the Renaissance Garden

We are pleased to showcase all that we have been doing in the Renaissance Garden this past month. The virus may have hampered our travels but there is always enough space in a garden to work with friends. And that is exactly what we did.

We planted all the annuals in the pots on the slope, around the Obelisk and elsewhere. Nicole Watson has assumed responsibility for planting day. She chose the flowers, ordered them in January and organized a greatly reduced planting crew because of COVID 19. Cindy Shultz, one of our loyal volunteers for years planted the Terrace on planting day during the Pandemic.

We installed a drip line to all the pots on the slope, to the Obelisk, and to the Cranesbill Geraniums that are behind the lion’s head. Kurt Gunderson and Brian Kelly discuss the drip line situation and how to thread the lines from the south spigot to the Obelisk. Notice the large coil of hose behind Kurt that still needs to be dug in.

Nicole Watson and Matthew Ungerman were busy digging the trenches for the hoses that feed the pots in another area. Ellen Irion showed us the way. Without her knowledge and expertise, we could not have accomplished this task. She instructed us, directed us and watched over us, patiently, as we struggled learning the various tasks. Nicole and Matthew were quick learners and practically worked on their own.

Jim Ollrogge assisted with installation of the drip lines. Jim also had the knowledge and expertise to connect all the plumbing in the temple. This was vitally important because without those connections we would not have water to our drip lines. In addition, Alison Kelly, Alana Kelly, Fin Kelly, Stephanie Van Alyea and Eileen Kaczmarek were involved in helping out with this huge project.

The lemon trees came back from their winter home in their new lighter pots along with our magnificent ferns and begonias.

LandWorks installed 5 Muscle Wood Trees that were ordered from Johnson Nursery replacing the ones that died.

No one ever thought this job would be easy. Friends, including Lisa Simmons (pictured) helped out with the second round of planting.

The fish are all happy in there very spacious summer home. We'd like to give the biggest fish a name. Any suggestions?

The water now flows seamlessly down the stairs into the catch basin without a leak but only after last summer’s total restoration of all the mortar joints, thanks to a donation from the Argosy Foundation.

We are ever so grateful to all of our donors who have helped us over the years to keep this beautiful place alive and well. It is truly a Milwaukee Treasure. As we prepare for the Museums soft opening in the near future, all of us on the Board of the Friends of Villa Terrace, would like to thank All of you for your generous support, whether it was through donations, or visits, or volunteering or postings of what you saw here and loved! We look forward to seeing you again in the garden very soon!

by Eileen Kaczmarek, Garden Committee

Photos by Lisa Simmons & E. Kaczmarek, Garden Committee

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